Mark Chapter 6 Verse 50     Immediately He spoke to them and said, “Take courage!  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.”

Today’s verse comes from the well known account of Jesus “walking on the water”.   Scripture tells us that Jesus spoke these words to His disciples as He was walking on the water and about to pass them during the “fourth watch of the night” – sometime between 3am and 6am – the darkest part of the night.   The disciples, many of whom were experienced fisherman, were in a boat struggling to cross the lake and had already been at it for several hours when Jesus showed up.    When they saw Him, they “cried out”, which is when Jesus spoke these awesome words of encouragement:  “Take courage!  It is I.  Don’t be afraid.”!

What is it that you have been struggling with? 

Are you in the “darkest part of your night”?  

Do you feel like you can’t go on?   

If so, follow the example of the disciples and cry out to JESUS (Mark 6:49).    Know that HE won’t pass you by.   Just wait on HIM, listen to HIS Voice and “Take courage”!   The Lord is near those who call on HIM (Psalm 145:18).   Do not be afraid!

In Christ,

Stephen and Mary


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